The Jade Zone Vlog – Episode 5 – ‘How to Put on a Kilt’ (Warning: Nudity)

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised as the video contains nudity and may not be suitable for some audiences.

Ever wonder what is worn under a kilt? Ever wonder how a kilt is put on from start to finish? Ever wonder how a kilt is worn from head to toe?

Wonder no more! In this episode of The Jade Zone Vlog, Jade Sambrook goes through the steps from start to finish on how to put on a Scottish kilt.

Speaking of kilts, you may recall in episode 2 of the Jade Zone Vlog how I explained receiving my new handmade and custom measured Royal Stewart tartan kilt. I was very fortunate to receive such a quality kilt as a gift from friends who purchased it for me while attending a wedding in Scotland this summer. I also compared the new Royal Stewart tartan kilt to my old ”off the rack” Black Watch tartan kilt.

For your interest, episode 2 of the Jade Zone Vlog can be viewed HERE.

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Again, please know that episode 5 of The Jade Zone Vlog contains nudity. Viewer discretion is therefore advised as the content of the video may not be suitable for some audiences.

In the meantime – should you decide to watch it – you’ll end up learning what is worn under the kilt. That is if you couldn’t already guess from my nudity warning.


The Jade Zone Vlog – Episode 4 – ’19 Questions’

What exactly is the 19 questions tag and how did I discover it?

Recently I participated in my first Twitter party where I ended up meeting tons of new people from the “Twitterverse”. During this party, I gained a bunch of new followers to my Twitter account. For those of you who do not know what a Twitter party is, there is nothing to worry about as I will be explaining in full detail in a subsequent blog post. Suffice it to say that I find them to be amazingly fun and I would encourage anybody who has not tried one to eventually do so.

Of course I like to stay connected with my followers and with those that I am following, regardless of the social media account in question. I like to engage with those in my list of friends. Not only do I enjoy building a community, but I also like to be part of that community in an active manner.

In doing so, I often find myself checking out (a.k.a stalking) the social media profiles of those folks who are a part of my community. In other words, if you are following Jade Sambrook on Twitter, I might be inclined to take a look at your YouTube channel. If I am following your blog, then I might be inclined to take a look at your other social media accounts if you have provided an inviting link to bring me there.

Now in regards to the ’19 Questions Tag’, I ended up subscribing to the YouTube channel of one of my new Twitter followers who I gained during the Twitter party. One of her videos was called the ’19 Questions Tag’, where you answer nineteen questions and hope that others will do the same. I guess it’s like a game of tag, but with questions instead. If your “it”, then you have to answer them.

I thought that this was a marvelous idea. Not only did it seem like fun, it just so happens that I was in search of material to vlog about. I wasn’t actually tagged in the proverbial sense, but again, I needed material for my vlog so I was more than motivated to give it a try. I set-up my camera, plugged in the microphone and turned on the lights. After calling out those famous orders that are yelled out by movie Directors – “lights, camera, action” – I proceeded to answer all 19 questions as honestly as possible.

The result is the birth of The Jade Zone Vlog – Episode 4 – ‘The 19 Questions Tag’.

Go ahead, try it out for yourself. You’ll find it’s quite fun! And you might just learn something about yourself while those who are watching will equally get to know you a little better. Personally, I’m still wondering if it’s possible that peanut butter is my favorite smell. I’m still not sure about that one.

Jade Sambrook: My Very First Vlog

The Jade Zone Vlog – ‘Pilot Episode’ 
Video duration: 08:58

Is it too late for me to start vlogging? Did I miss the boat? Is vlogging a thing of the past?

Definitely not! Judging by what I can see on YouTube, the grand majority of vloggers manage to get tons of subscribers to their vlog. Some vloggers are great at what they do. They are energetic, funny and entertaining. Others are not so great, and yet they still manage to get many views and several followers. Continue reading