A Morphsuit for Halloween on Periscope and the Underwear Dilemma

For Halloween 2015 I decided to wear a gold morphsuit that I had purchased several years earlier and that I had only worn once back then. Coupled with my gold three striped Adidas shoes, I was able to call myself an Oscar award trophy.

Originally Jade Sambrook was not planning on going out for Halloween and would have been content to simply stay home and take it easy. On second thought though, I told myself that Halloween would be the perfect occasion to broadcast on Periscope. I figured that I would most likely get hearts, comments and followers on the Periscope app if I were to broadcast myself walking down a busy street in downtown Montreal on Halloween night while wearing a morphsuit. In the end I was right.

What is Periscope? Read my blog post Jade Sambrook’s New Toy: The Periscope App.

Before being able to leave the house dressed in a morphsuit, I had to debate with myself whether I should wear anything underneath. I tried the morphsuit on with underwear, then without. I repeated this process many times, never sure of what my final decision should be.

Jade Sambrook in his Halloween costume: The human Oscar award trophy.
Jade Sambrook in his Halloween costume: The human Oscar award trophy.

Although it is much more comfortable, not wearing underwear creates an evident outline of your ”package” (for lack of a better term). Whereas wearing underwear – while not as comfortable – makes the outline of your ”package” a little less evident. Either way, it is simply impossible to hide a ”bulge” when wearing a morphsuit. At best all you can really hope for by wearing underwear is to hide the precise details of your crown jewels.

And at least by wearing underwear you can tell people – should they make any comments – that you tried to cover the bulge, or the evident outline of your ”package” to be more specific. In weighing the option to not wear underwear, I did have to take into consideration whether it would be appropriate or even offensive for people to see an overly evident outline of my penis.

I ended up reading many articles on the internet, and quickly realized that most people wear compression shorts or tight underwear underneath their morphsuit, since boxers or loose underwear will tend to bunch up and cause problems. In other words most guys do not wear their morphsuit without underwear. Yet these articles also gave me the impression that most men are shy, or ashamed of their bodies, or simply do not want anybody to judge the size and shape of their ”package”. Therefore they wear underwear in an attempt to hide the outline of their penis. Again, underwear or not, it is simply impossible to hide the ”bulge” under a morphsuit, although wearing underwear does help in hiding the details.

Jade Sambrook wearing a gold morphsuit for Halloween.
Jade Sambrook wearing a gold morphsuit for Halloween.

As a die-hard nudist I am neither shy, nor ashamed and I definitely do not care if people see an exact outline or judge the size and shape of my penis. Especially since the size or shape of a flaccid penis means absolutely nothing.

In the end I decided to go with underwear. Like I mentioned, while there is simply no way to hide a bulge when wearing a morphsuit, by wearing underwear you can at least tell people – should they make any comments – that you did your best to reduce the outline of your ”package”.

And of course the comments were abundant. Plenty of comments as a matter of fact.

Once downtown, I parked my car, zipped the morphsuit over my head and started my walk down Saint Catherine Street. I didn’t even get twenty feet from my car when a group of women passing by shouted ”awesome, and nice balls by the way”!

As I turned on to Saint-Denis Street some ladies asked if they could have a photo with me. The more I walked the more people addressed me, often shouting from the other side of the street. Comments like: ”that is a brave costume”, ”that is the best costume I’ve seen all night” all the way to ”oh my God that’s awesome” and ”nice penis”! The majority of comments were in fact concentrated on the bulge and interestingly they came mostly from the ladies. I guess whoever said that women aren’t visual was actually quite wrong.

Several women asked for hugs, while others took photos or simply made casual conversation with me. In fact I’ve never met so many people in one single night and I think that I’ve never been hit-on by so many women in my entire lifetime. Clearly this is interesting considering that my face was entirely covered.

Although I had many doubts that the morphsuit as a costume would be well received because it is neither unique or original, it ended up being a total hit.

Wearing a morphsuit, Jade Sambrook poses for a photo on Halloween night in Montreal.
Wearing a morphsuit, Jade Sambrook poses for a photo on Halloween night in Montreal.

In conversation with some women I mentioned my earlier dilemma about whether to wear anything underneath the morphsuit. All of them opined that I should have gone without underwear, so as to avoid underwear lines and because we should all live freely and comfortably. I guess so late at night – on Halloween night to boot – nobody would have cared had they seen an overly evident outline of a penis. Jade Sambrook certainly wouldn’t have cared, considering the amount of times that I have been fully naked in public.

Should it be of interest, you can read more about my nudist lifestyle at: nakedjade.wordpress.com.

Now back to Periscope, I decided to broadcast a short portion of my walk down the street. Firstly, the video quality of Periscope is terrible as it is of a very low resolution. Secondly, I would have liked to capture the entire night on video, but that was just not feasible. In the end however, my walk down a busy Montreal street on Halloween night while dressed as an Oscar award trophy was a Periscope success. Indeed, I ended up receiving tons of hearts, comments and a few new followers on the Periscope app.

What is Periscope? Read my blog post Jade Sambrook’s New Toy: The Periscope App.

Watch the Periscope video here:

The edited Periscope video helped me realize why I live in Montreal. It’s truly the most sociable, inclusive and friendly city on planet earth. Simply put, Montreal kicks ass! And I’m really happy that I ultimately decided to go out for a walk instead of simply taking it easy at home. Next time though I might just do it a little more comfortably: minus the underwear that is. After all, there is nothing wrong with being a little scary on Halloween night, right?