🎉 Spreading New Year Cheer 🎉

Miss GG's Closet 💋

Happy New Year luvs! I have a special post today to promote your blog and spread the new year cheer! 2015 is coming to a close but 2016 is just beginning! So we are all bloggers here and to support each other for the new year I’d thought this would be a fun way to get new readers on our blogs!

How you can spread the cheer…

  1. Reblog this post
  2. Leave your site address down below in the comments
  3. Spread the cheer by checking out at least 5 of the sites listed in the comments below!
  4. Lastly follow someone’s blog that you are genuinely interested in (listed in the comments)!

2015 was a great year but let’s make 2016 an even greater year! I wish you all the best in 2016!

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