My Vote for the Next Prime Minister of Canada

There is only a couple of days to go before the Canadian Federal Election taking place on October 19, 2015. And Jade Sambrook’s mind is made up. I will be voting for the Liberal Party candidate in my riding with the hope that Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau will be our next Prime Minister.

Personally, I feel that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party have the best plan to move our country forward. While Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair both promised that they would balance the budget should they be elected Prime Minister – sounding like a team with a concerted political play – Justin Trudeau offered something entirely different. Instead of making a fake promise – we all know that balanced budgets never happen, and if they do it is only through a sad mix of austerity and financial fracas – he defied convention and proposed modest deficits of 10 billion dollars per year, over three years, in order to fund infrastructure for a total of 30 billion dollars.

To begin with, investment into our infrastructure is badly needed. Not only must we rebuild what is starting to fall apart, but our growing population requires that we expand and improve in certain areas such as public transit. Secondly, our current economic situation requires stimulus spending in order to get the economic ball rolling once again. Last but not least, Stephen Harper has added 150 billion dollars to our debt with nothing to show for it, except for some Economic Action Plan billboards advertising an Economic Action plan that brought us two recessions. In fact, Justin Trudeau’s 30 billion dollar plan is approximately 80% less than Harper’s 150 billion dollars. And at least with the 30 billion dollars we will have something to show for it – much-needed infrastructure.

Spending on infrastructure will create jobs, which in turn will generate additional income tax revenue for government. This will eventually allow the government to reduce taxes, pay off the debt and yes, balance the budget. It is a win-win-win situation for everybody.

Again, Justin Trudeau could have toad a dogmatic line and said the easy thing that almost everybody likes to hear, namely that the government will balance the budget. Instead he was bold, he took a risk and he made a logical proposal. He was honest and he was transparent. For that I admire him. It is that kind of leadership that I call true leadership. It’s the kind of leadership that I can trust.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are things about the Liberal Party and things in their platform that I dislike or that I do not necessarily agree with. However, at the end of the day it is important to choose a political Party that best reflects your values and that overall, offers policies that you can identify with or that you absolutely want to see implemented. For example, I would really like to see marijuana legalized, regulated and taxed. And Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party are offering precisely that.

I received an email from the Liberal Party that Justin Trudeau would be stopping at a local campaign office near my residence at 07:30 on a Thursday morning. I decided that I should go, and that I should film as much as possible in order to have some material for my vlog.

When I told one of my friends who is an avid NDP supporter that I would be attending, she replied that she would never in her life attend a political rally so early in the morning regardless of who the Leader was. This did not dissuade me however. I was going to be there no matter what.

At a stop in Montreal on Thursday, Jade Sambrook, a 37-year-old political science student, said it was good to have a leader from his generation.

“I don’t want to say it’s the Canadian version of Barack Obama, but Justin Trudeau is invigorating, is inspiring, he’s positive,” Sambrook said.

Upon my arrival I noticed that the campaign office was full of supporters eagerly awaiting the arrival of Mr. Trudeau. Despite the freezing cold at such an early hour, there were also plenty of people outside on the sidewalk. I decided to stay outside, so that I could greet Mr. Trudeau and also, because there really wasnt any room left to stand inside. I ended up chatting with several other Liberal supporters, Liberal Party staffers and with some of the media personnel who were anxiously staking out a prime location for their cameras.


The campaign tour bus carrying the Liberal Leader finally arrived. He exited the bus and was greeted by the local Liberal candidate, Melanie Joly. I was standing directly behind her and captured the moment using the camera on my iPhone 6.

Screenshot of the moment Justin Trudeau shook my hand
Screenshot of the moment Justin Trudeau shook my hand
Justin Trudeau greeting supporters upon his arrival to Melanie Joly's campaign office
Justin Trudeau greeting supporters upon his arrival to Melanie Joly’s campaign office

As Mr. Trudeau walked by I called out his name: ”Justin”! He quickly shook my hand and proceeded to enter the campaign office in order to address the crowd of supporters who had gathered to savour that exact moment.

Watch a short video of Justin Trudeau’s arrival here:

When all was said and done, he exited the building, only to be surrounded by a throng of folks wanting to shake his hand or have a selfie taken with him. He finished by offering his gratitude and positive words of encouragement to all those gathered and then immediately departed towards his next campaign stop.

Justin Trudeau gives a thumbs-up to a crowd of supporters before departing on the Liberal campaign bus
Justin Trudeau gives a thumbs-up to a crowd of supporters before departing on the Liberal campaign bus

A journalist from Reuters asked me for my thoughts on Trudeaumania, and later that day I found his article on the Daily Mail Online, which you can read here.

In the end, I am very happy that I decided to go to this event, regardless of the early hour or the cold weather. For Jade Sambrook it was absolutely worth it. I got to shake hands with the man who I believe will be the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Again, my mind is made up – on October 19 I will be voting for a political leader who is from my generation. A political leader who is invigorating, inspiring and positive.


One thought on “My Vote for the Next Prime Minister of Canada

  1. righteousbruin9 October 18, 2015 / 05:04

    It is time for Gen X and the Millennials to take the reins. That’s be nice down here, too, but 2020 will be the earliest.

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