Jade Sambrook: My Very First Vlog

The Jade Zone Vlog – ‘Pilot Episode’ 
Video duration: 08:58

Is it too late for me to start vlogging? Did I miss the boat? Is vlogging a thing of the past?

Definitely not! Judging by what I can see on YouTube, the grand majority of vloggers manage to get tons of subscribers to their vlog. Some vloggers are great at what they do. They are energetic, funny and entertaining. Others are not so great, and yet they still manage to get many views and several followers.

I decided that it was time for Jade Sambrook to vlog. Whether I’m late or not to the party doesn’t matter, because like they say: ”it’s better late than never”! Besides, I like blogging and I like podcasting, so why wouldn’t I enjoy vlogging?

I spent an inordinate amount of time watching a variety of vlogs on YouTube to give me an idea of how it’s done. I noticed that the young folks who are generally creative, energetic and funny are exactly the way I was when I was their age. Now I’m 37 years old, and I’m no longer like that. I feel like I’ve become boring, reserved, conservative and lacking in both humour and creativity. I simply couldn’t imagine myself doing many of the things that these young vloggers do in order to produce great vlogs.

I kept trying to put a vlog together and after several cuts and retakes I was on the verge of giving-up. I then decided to purchase a windshield mount for my iPhone, and I started filming myself as I drove around running errands. From this I was able to put together my first vlog episode. It might not be the best, it might be a little on the long side, it might even be on the boring side. Actually it’s more than likely that it’s on the boring side. However, what is important is that I managed to piece together a first episode.

Screenshot of the YouTube end card for Jade Sambrook's vlog
Screenshot of the YouTube end card for Jade Sambrook’s vlog

Going forward I might not be able to apply the brakes on the vlogging momentum. I might be riding a vlogging bicycle full speed down a steep hill. As you know, sometimes when you get started there is no turning back.

While this first episode is far from a great production, I’ve heard from many vloggers that practice makes you better. I am therefore looking forward to my vlog episodes becoming better with time. In fact, any successful vlogger today who looks back on their beginnings will use common words to describe their vlog – words like horrendous, terrible and ”that sucked”!

My first vlog episode falls into those categories, but I’m happy that at least I started vlogging. I may be arriving late to the party, but I’m happy that at least I arrived!

Dont miss out on updates and new vlog episodes! Click HERE now in order to subscribe to Jade Sambrook’s YouTube Channel.


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