The Bar Fight Smartphone Video

Just yesterday I wrote a blog post on putting together a smartphone video making kit that could easily fit into a kilt sporran.

Low and behold, on my way home last night from watching my team – the Vancouver Canucks – be eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs by the Calgary Flames, I ran into an unfortunate bar fight that spilled out into the street.

As usual I was wearing my kilt, so that I could lift it and moon or flash “à la Braveheart” any fans of the Calgary Flames that would dare make a negative comment about my team. Fortunately however there were no negative comments. Most men know not to mess with a man in a kilt, and probably most folks understood that my team being eliminated from the playoffs was already enough to handle and did not warrant any negative comments to boot.

Jade Sambrook sporting a Black Watch tartan kilt with a Vancouver Canucks Hockey jersey
Jade Sambrook sporting a Black Watch tartan kilt with a Vancouver Canucks Hockey jersey

Anyways, as I was saying – without getting off track here – on my way home from a night out on the town I ran into a bar fight outside of the Fitzroy located at Mont-Royal Avenue and Pontiac Street in Montreal. I immediately pulled out my iPhone 6 and started filming. Naturally I did not have time to pull out any of the other video making accessories from my sporran as things were just happening so fast. The moral of the story though is how important it is to have a smartphone video making kit that can fit into something as small as a purse or a kilt sporran. In other words you never know when it might come in handy!

I am usually good at keeping the camera steady, but in this case the footage I captured seems a little shakier than usual. I attribute this to the fact that I had to constantly watch my back at the same time so as to ensure that I not be assaulted from behind – by a friend of the perpetrators – for filming the incident.

At one point one guy tells me to stop filming and threatens me. This is exactly when the police showed up. However, even if the police had not appeared at that exact moment, I still would not have stopped filming.

First of all you don’t get to bark orders at me. I’m not your bitch. My apologies if that sounds derogatory, but it’s the best way to explain what I am trying to convey. When in public I film what I want and when I want.

Secondly, I am not intimidated by some guy who is 5.5′ and who we can clearly see in the video kicking somebody in the head who is already down on the ground. For Jade Sambrook, anybody who kicks somebody in the head while that person is already on the ground is a grade A class one p-u-s-s-y! My apologies once again if that sounds derogatory, but it is the best way to explain what I am trying to convey.

Regardless, while there was no need for me to moon or flash any fans of the Calgary Flames, had this guy come after me I would definitely have lifted my kilt and God knows he would have went running!

Here is the footage I captured. Please note that it is pretty much in raw format:

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